Full service-solutions for advertisement media: clearly ordered and functional with FULLMEX. You will have the perfect overview from today when it comes to the compatibility of controlling and advertisement media. Ordering an advertisement medium with the help of FULLMEX will mean having a subsequent and complete overview of every issue: assortment and offer, purchase order, warehouse stock, availability, shipment status / logistics, calculation and booking. You will have complete control over the complete logistics of your advertisement media and promotional articles every time, everywhere.

With FULLMEX, all subjects can be accessed comfortably on the screen: Desired modifications, budgeting or replacement of warehouse stocks – all issues are handled online through a sophisticated and intelligent interface.

This means: You will be saving the complete material warehouse of your advertisement media as well as the administrative expenditure. We will deliver the advertisement media desired by you at all times – in the desired quantity and to the desired location.

FULLMEX – perfect overview and real full service for your advertisement media!


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