Everything ready immediately through your advertisement media with a simple click

To attain our aim of optimal advertisement medium logistics using our advertisement media full service program, we have combined all elements involved in the process chain: from marketing through purchase, IT specialists, logisticians and controlling.

Our advertisement media-full service covers the cost center-related delivery in accordance with the specific demands and needs of your company at fixed prices.

  • In the shop that is specifically personalized for you and adapted to your needs, all advertisement media are exclusively accessible to authorized persons and even selectively where applicable. All novelties in connection with your advertisement media are constantly available "on demand".
  • As an intelligent full service system for your advertisement media and promotional articles, FULLMEX supports the user with a simple and absolutely intuitively operable surface. Simple, well ordered, user-friendly. Availability, dimensions or weights of your advertisement media, you name it – you can access them all fast.


  • FULLMEX will also handle the complete management of your advertisement media and promotional articles on your behalf: Booking at the branch office, department or cost center or also external recipient of invoice. They are all done automatically because they are pre-determined and implemented by you. Of course everyone will not be allowed to do everything – you will personally determine who does what in every detail, through the assignment of rights.
  • The advertisement media-logistics is integrated, i.e. it must not be separately activated and controlled. That may be done optionally in the comfort of your home, in the establishment of an external logistician or in our establishment. The customer, service-provider, controller and receiver have a full overview at all times, of the positions of your advertisement media such as warehouse volume, delivery status, supply status, proof of supply and calculation.

Optimal advertisement media-full service – complete service all from one source!


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