The Full service-Concept

Perfect overview, perfect advertisement
medium-full service!

Our full service concept for ‘advertisement medium-full service’ offers optimal solutions to problems and a perfect overview on matters of advertisement medium logistics. It is not always easy to find an advertisement medium that will appeal to the target group in an optimal manner as well as be acceptable from the point of view of the company’s budgetary limits.

The problem is not solved with the choice of an adequate promotional article alone; that is namely the precise point, at which a complex process begins, in which one may quickly lose track of things if there is no clear familiarity with the subject: procurement, distribution and management.

As an entrepreneur confronting this procedure in the course of a marketing campaign, you will lose precious time – time that you should have better invested in your core business. See for yourself, the benefits of our concept of ‘advertisement medium-full service’ with FULLMEX, because:

FULLMEX will assume on your behalf, the complex logistics of advertisement media and thereby the complete full service for advertisement media!


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